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Men for some reason tend to wait longer to seek chiropractic care than women. Good news don't have to wait any longer. Give a call and enjoy better health, naturally.

Why would an infant need chiropractic care?

Spinal misalignment and resultant nerve dysfunction known as subluxation can occur due to physical trauma. The birth process may very well be the most traumatic event one may endure in their lifetime.

The pulling and twisting of the spine during delivery, especially with vaccuum extraction, foreceps, and C-sections, is enough to cause subuxation in the newborn baby. Educated mothers know that an early check-up for the baby with a chiropractor is essential for optimum health and maximum development.

The video below demonstrates the gentle and specific nature of this type of service.

Why do parents bring kids for chiropractic care?

When can spinal problems start? In childhood, physical traumas are enough to cause spinal subluxation misalignment patterns in kids. Consider how many times a child falls when they are learning to walk. Think about the heavy backpacks lugged to school all those years from Pre-K to 12th grade. Youth sports are another common cause.

What can be done to correct these spinal subluxations? Pediatric adjustments of course!

Why get chiropractic adjustments when pregnant?

It enables the mother to achieve better levels of health. As a pregnancy progresses the physical demands on the mother increases. The natural hormonal changes that lead to greater flexibility of a mother's pelvis to allow for an easier birth also put greater stress on supporting structures.

Now more than ever it is essential that a woman is under chiropractic care. The potential for uterine constraint can be harmful to the developing baby. Chiropractic care helps reduce the stress and strain placed on the mother's pelvis and resultantly on the baby well.

Pain control may be a reason for a mother to be to seek chiropractic care. Knowing the potential risk of medications affecting the developing baby, by choosing natural chiropractic care instead of drugs, the mother ensures that no potentially harmful chemicals will reach her baby.

Why adjust the whole family?

Because subluxation happens at all ages. Life's daily physical, chemical, and emotional traumas cause those misalignments of the spine that affect nervous system function and lead to a decreased levels of health. Corrective chiropractic adjustments are gentle for all ages and all shapes and sizes. Watch how Dr. Mish checks his family on a weekly basis.

Youth of today are the future shapers of society. Will they be brought up on seeking medicine and drugs as a way to be their best or through natural ways that access their inner winner. Chiropractic care improves health and performance.

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